SolarHalo Studios™ was started in 2006, in Austin, Texas, with the idea of creating a variety of photography for all types of clients. We also specialize in print design, web design, and illustration. You can find our design website here,


It all started when the creator of SolarHalo Studios™, Sueanne, was about eight years old. Her father had studied art and began to pass on his passion for this subject. He gave her art supplies and a 110 camera. She was always creating new work, sketching and laying out new ideas for different creative projects. Several days a week, she would take her camera out and spend hours photographing her surroundings.

Sueanne attended a private art college in Miami, Florida, where she earned a degree in Graphic Design. Later, she earned her second degree in Photocommunications at St. Edward's University, in Austin, Texas; graduated magna cum laude. 

SolarHalo Studios, provides every Client with peace of mind and the knowledge that they will be happy with the end result. Our ideas go beyond thinking outside of the box. We create fresh, new ideas, while incorporating the Client's view of what they feel works for them. We are passionate about our photography and we create connections with our Client's in ways they can relate, not only to us, but the photography as well. We believe that what we present to our Clients is a representation of us. 

CONTACT US today so we can start preparing for your special day, collecting new memories to look back on, for generations to come. 

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